The new world of pay transparency

A practical look at what is changing and how to be prepared for it.

A major focus of 2024 is going to be on pay transparency. 

In the US, there are already a significant number of legislations in place regarding transparency and pay disclosure, with more to come and the chance that we see a federal-level law passed soon. 

In Europe, things have already ramped up with the passing of the Pay Transparency Directive. This new legislation requires disclosure from nearly every company (over 100 employees) in Europe or that does business in Europe. 

The bottom line is that whether there is legislation in place that affects your firm or not, you have to be moving towards adhering to the requirements of full pay transparency. 

But how?

Decusoft decided that it would be helpful to talk to an expert about these advancements and share the results with you.   

Below is our Q&A session with Anita Lettink, a partner at Strategic Management Centre and a recognized leading thinker on the future of work. She has also recently published her new book, "Equal Pay for Equal Work: A Practical Guide to Implementing a Successful Pay Transparency Program". 

Pay Transparency Preview

Download "The new world of pay transparency: An interview with Anita Lettink" to learn more. 

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