Four Ways to Prevent Compensation Hangovers

If you are suffering from a Compensation Cycle Hangover, we have the cure.

Compensation Cycle Hangover Noun

The collective and disagreeable physical and mental symptoms experienced after human resources professionals conduct periodic compensation reviews without the proper tools.

Q1 is a tough time for people who work in compensation. You often find yourself fully depleted from the rigors of the past few months and it can be really hard to shake off. We have come to call this "compensation hangover", and symptoms can vary. The common thread is that they all occur during the quiet period immediately following the chaos of a compensation cycle - where you should feel better and more comfortable, but you are so beat up that you can't even enjoy the calm.

The good news is that we have documented the ways to prevent the four most common causes of the compensation hangover. This article will help you make 2024 the year that you fix the issues that cause grief.  Make this year the first time you can truly vow, "Never again!". 

Read the paper to set yourself on the right path for 2024!

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