Handling the Challenges and Opportunities of Asset Manager Compensation for 2024

An interview with Shelley Eisenhandler

With asset managers and alternative asset managers having just paid or getting ready to pay bonuses, they face an unusually challenging set of choices in a notably uncertain environment. Equity markets are up, interest rates are coming down. The economy seems strong, but some predict a soft landing for 2024. Performance varies significantly from fund to fund.

Managers want to reward employees and retain talent, but they may be constrained by a variety of factors. All of them need to be considered and weighed before making choices about compensation for 2024. 

Decusoft decided that it would be helpful to talk to an expert about the topic.   

We were lucky enough to sit down with Shelley Eisenhandler, President of Eisenhandler & Co., a New York-based human capital consulting firm that specializes in compensation for alternative asset managers.

She was able to share her thoughts on the best way to approach setting yourself up for success in 2024. 

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