The Common Sense Guide to Harnessing AI in Compensation and Human Resources

A real-world guide to how AI can be applied to Compensation and HR.

There is no shortage of information being written about AI these days. But what does it mean for HR and compensation in particular? 

It’s time to look past science fiction and put AI to use in business. This technology is not building robot overlords that will subjugate humans. Rather it has created smart and eager assistants that can perform tasks quickly, learning as they go.

There is little doubt that AI capabilities and usage will continue to grow and evolve, but we wanted to take a deep dive into how AI can be used functionally by HR professionals today. So we put together the six biggest questions to consider as you explore AI functionality in your role.

Starting with the analytical tasks that AI is ready for now and following the best practices outlined in this guide will put your organization in the best position to take advantage of this technology as it develops. Understanding when and how to incorporate this breakthrough technology into your process can genuinely make a significant difference in both your day-to-day role and strategic direction.  

We have developed this guide by answering six of the most common (and considered) questions that compensation and HR leaders are asking.

We think you’ll find it more than a little useful. 


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